2019 Largest Built-Up Urban Area: Lagos, Onitsha Ranked 1st, 2nd In Nigeria

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April 2019 Demographia Report: Onitsha Ranked 2nd in Nigeria and 5th in Africa As LARGEST BUILT-UP URBAN AREAS IN THE WORLD

Lagos Ranked 21st in the world

Onitsha Ranked 47th in the world

Top Ten in Africa

1) Cairo, Egypt [world:15]

2) Lagos, Nigeria [world:21]

3) Kinshasa, Congo [world:27]

4) Johannesburg, South Africa [world:40]

5) Onitsha, Nigeria [world:47]

6) Luanda, Angola [world:50]

7) Nairobi, Kenya [world:71]

8 )Khartoum, Sudan [world:76]

9)Abijan, Cote’d Ivoire [world:84]

10) Alexandria, Egypt [world:87]

Disclaimer: This is not my personal report. This is an unbiased outside report from an International Body that has been doing this for over 15 years.

Source: http://demographia.com/db-worldua.pdf