Edutainment is any type of entertainment aimed at entertaining and being educative. Jazzing up learning with videos, music, podcasts, games, etc. Children love it when learning is fun.

W hen you hear entertainment, all you can think of is amusement, fun and excitement. And immediately you say education – a pictures of books in a boring library pops into your head. Education and entertainment seem like opposites.
My brother hated going to school and a number of children don’t like school or find it very boring. Luckily someone was able to bring entertainment into education – EDUTAINMENT. That’s right, we can have the fun and excitement and still learn.

With advancing technology, children are bombarded with technology and varied content from TV and other digital gadgets. Rather than deny kids access to these things, it is better to use them as learning tools. Edutainment can be used as a great way to help kids fall in love with different subjects (some they might have otherwise considered boring). A growing number of scientific studies are confirming what we’ve long suspected, that some toys and games are very educational. 

Gamification is a growing trend in edutainment of using game elements (rules, point scoring, competition) to teach various topics and subjects. Some of the benefits include:
Improves learning
Surveys show that gamification helps learners acquire skills and knowledge more effectively. It has been proven that greater learning occurs through games.
Higher level of retention
Children learn best by doing and visualization. Games provide the medium to see and do, thereby ensuring higher levels of retention.
Improves student engagement
Games capture and retain a child’s attention. It is fun for them. With higher levels of engagement which enhances learning.
Increases child’s memory capacity
Games often revolve round the utilization of memorization and helps improve a child’s memory capacity.
Develops hand-eye coordination
Use of a game pad or a keyboard and the mouse at the same time watching the screen helps to develop hand-eye coordination.
Improves computer fluency
Playing games on the internet/ on a computer improves children’s literacy and fluency, equipping them with the required skills for today’s technologically advanced world.
Beneficial for children with special needs
Research has revealed that online games can help children who experience attention disorders.
Motivates children to learn
Children love to win and thrive on instant feedback and this is why they are motivated by games that provide points/rewards and instant feedback.
Smart schools are introducing edutainment to their children through smart school software and education apps like 9ijakids designed to stimulate smart learning. The idea of edutainment is always to motivate kids to learn new things without losing the fun element.
9ijakids is an edutech startup helping to equip the next generation of leaders to take on tomorrow’s challenges through fun and exciting educational games.

By Titi Adewusi