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A steel plant recently built in Jere, Kagarko LGA of Kaduna State, will be inaugurated at the end of this year to begin mining iron ore.

This statement was made by the Managing Director, African Industries Group alongside the Minister of Industries, Trade and Investments, Otunba Adebayo in a courtesy visit to the Phase 1 of the plant.

The infrastructural and technological development of any nation, most especially Nigeria, will benefit from a vivacious iron and steel industry.

Iron ore being among one of the numerous raw materials in the country can be put into great usage for socio-economic advancement. It is a rock from which metallic iron can be extracted and about 98% of the world’s iron ore production goes into steel.

Steel which is predominantly the end-product of iron ore has a lot of uses and is the most useful metal known.

Over three billion tons of iron ore are found in Kogi, Niger, Enugu, Kaduna and Zamfara states.

Worthy of mention is the obvious abundance of iron-ore deposit in Nigeria. But one of the factors that have hampered the development of the steel industry, and consequentially industrialization in Nigeria is the inability to explore and exploit the substance to be used as raw material to produce steel.

However, the present administration hopes to revive the sector and its effort is evident through its economic diversification agenda which is focused on the mines and steel sector alongside agriculture by adding value to locally available resources.

The quest to have steel produced massively in the country using the iron ore has started with revamping of major stations like the Ajaokuta steel and this has seen a great influx of investors in the industry.

One of such immense investment in the steel sector is the $600 million steel plant built by the African Natural Resources and Mines Limited, a subsidiary of the African Industries Group in Jere which is expected to commence iron ore mining and local production of steel by the end of December 2020.

The project is capable of creating over 3, 000 jobs ad will mine over five million tons of iron ore per annum.

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Investments expressed his delight at such incredible project, commending the company for its socio-economic input to uplifting the state of the country.