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The current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is all out on corruption, yet this doesn’t reflect in the recent report on the annual corruption perception index by Transparency International.

The country is ranked 146 out of 180 countries considered, falling two places from 144 in the last report.

In 2017, Nigeria ranked 148, while it dropped to 144 in 2018. But its current position means it is a step lower.

According to Transparency International, the Corruption Index shows corruption as to mean unmonitored and undue free flow of big money into projects like electoral campaigns and the presence of cabals or high-ranked individuals controlling the affairs of governance.

The index uses a scale of zero to 100, where zero is highly corrupt and 100 is transparent.

According to the report, many countries score below 50, including Botswana (34), among other African nations

The top countries are New Zealand and Denmark, with 87 each, followed by Finland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland.

Meanwhile, the bottom countries are Somalia, South Sudan and Syria with scores of 9, 12 and 13, respectively. These countries are closely followed by Yemen, Venezuela, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea and Afghanistan. �