Tomato Prices are Up by Over 80% in Lagos Markets

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Eid-el-Fitr celebration may be over, but the price of tomatoes shows no sign of decline as it keeps snowballing. According to Nairametrics’ House-Hold Survey carried out last week Thursday across major markets in Lagos State, a big basket of tomatoes now sells for N18,000, up from N10,000 reported two weeks earlier. This represents 80% price hike in prices of tomatoes.

The report also shows that a small basket of tomatoes now sells for N7,000 as against N3,500 reported two weeks prior. This indicates a further 100% increase.

Meanwhile, there was a significant decrease in the price of brown beans compared to what was observed two weeks earlier. Specifically, a bag of brown beans now sells at an average price of N13,875 across the four major markets in Lagos namely Mushin, Oyingbo, and Mile 12 sells at N14,000. Daleko sells for N13,500. ff